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Learn AI in Metaverse

Create AI Applications in days. Quickest and most effective AI course.

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Metaverse AI
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Immerse in the world of AI Metaverse

Metaverse AI
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Data Science and AI Predictive Analytics

Metaverse AI
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3D Interactive Tools in Metaverse

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AI Metaverse Academy

MyLearnZone AI Academy

Why MyLearnZone Metaverse AI Course

Strong Success Learning Records

Use AI to Learn AI

First learning platform that integrates AI and Metaverse which uses AI Learning Insights with Data Analytics to improve learning outcomes.

Engaging Learning

Storytelling, exploratory, engaging learning using Immersive Technology, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Interactive.

Create Real World AI Applications

Upon course completion, learners will obtain certification and able to develop Real World AI Applications.

What You Will Learn

MyLearnZone’s Metaverse Training for Real-World AI projects

Predict Price Trend

Build an intelligent AI system to predict future house price based on the house size and district zone.

Customer Pattern Detection

Develop an AI Spotify Recommend Playlist system based on past user age, gender and genre preference.

Crypto Fraud Detection

Analyze huge numbers of transactions in order to uncover cryptocurrency fraud trends in real-time.

Healthcare Machine Learning

AI analyzes data throughout healthcare system to recommend diabetes treatment and predict heart attack.

Carbon Emission Forecast

Build an AI forecast system to predict CO2 emission of vehicle based on size of engine, car weight.

And a lot more ...

Face detection using OpenCV library, Autonomous Cars Sensors, Food Delivery Predictions, etc

Facts and Figures

Global Artificial Intelligence Market, currently valued at 327.5 billion US Dollar, continues to grow rapidly

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What peoples say about us

Read what our past learners have to say about our AI metaverse courses.

“I spent hours watching YouTubes about AI and Machine Learning. But after 3 days of metaverse course, I understand and build my first crypto fraud detection application easily.”
Metaverse AI
Anca Daniela
Full Stack Developer
“Excellent AI course, especially for professionals, but can also be applied in everyday situations. Don’t think anything was lost from the metaverse learning (vs. in-person)”
Gordon Waldie
Regional Vice President - Sales
“This AI online course is well presented in a very clear and easy to digest format for my students. It can explains complex concepts in metaverse using excellent examples.
Metaverse AI
Cory Oiegas
High School Teacher

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